Heart Ultrasound

Echocardiogram, more commonly known as a heart ultrasound and described as an “echo,” an echocardiography is a test which uses sound waves to view moving images of the heart. The high frequency sound waves, which are non-radioactive, are sent from a transducer (microphone) which travels through body parts and reflects from the surface of heart structure and valves. The images then can be seen on a TV screen. The procedure is non-invasive, safe and pain free, which is similar to an ultrasound, performed on a pregnant woman to see her unborn baby.

The pediatric echocardiogram is used to diagnose abnormalities with the structure of the heart such as holes, narrowed valves, and abnormal connections. The ultrasound is performed on newborns to young adults and takes 30 minutes to an hour (if the child is cooperative) for the procedure to be completed.

Caring Staff

Edmonton Pediatrics & Heart Clinic has compassionate, friendly, qualified, experienced, and supportive staff that will provide the best medical care for your child. The echocardiogram room has a calming atmosphere and is equipped with a television to keep your child entertained and alleviate boredom. Parents may stay with their child to provide a reassuring touch or words of encouragement throughout the entire test.