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Edmonton Kids Medical Clinic & Pediatrics Heart Clinic

Welcome to Edmonton Pediatrics & Heart Clinic. Our compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive staff are committed to providing the best quality medical care for your child and establishing a long-term, healthy relationship with your family. We offer comprehensive medical care for all children, from infancy through adolescence. Your child’s health, development and well-being are as important to us as they are to you. We are dedicated to delivering the exceptional medical care your child deserves.

Pediatric Cardiology

We provide community-based pediatric cardiology services for diagnosis and ongoing treatment of both congenital and acquired heart defects, from birth through adolescence. Our caring and experienced specialists can expertly assess your child’s symptoms, such as heart murmur, chest pain, fainting and dizziness, to determine a diagnosis and recommend treatment options, taking into account the medical history of your child and your family.

A referral is required from family physician or pediatrician for a cardiovascular assessment, pediatric obesity and weight management, sports clearance or high blood pressure.

General Pediatrics

Edmonton Pediatrics & Heart clinic also provides comprehensive general pediatrics services, including consultation, urgent care, well baby visits and annual physical examinations. We strive to provide excellent child health care in a prompt and compassionate manner.

Urgent Care Clinic

Our urgent care clinic provides prompt, same-day assessment and care for children with non-life threatening health concerns.

If it’s a life threatening condition then you should visit nearest emergency centre or dial 911.